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Phone Numbers

Administrative Services156 S Broadway
City Clerk(209) 668-5540
City Managerís Office(209) 668-5540
Economic Development(209) 668-5540
Finance(209) 668-5570
Housing Program Services(209) 668-5610
Human Resources(209) 668-5150
Job Hot Line(209) 656-2782
Purchasing(209) 668-5540
Development Services156 S Broadway
Building & Safety(209) 668-5560
Engineering(209) 668-5520
Planning(209) 668-5640
Turlock Transit(209) 668-5600
Turlock Fire Department244 N Broadway
Fire Administration(209) 668-5580
Neighborhood Services(209) 664-7348
Municipal Services156 S Broadway
Utility Maintenance(209) 668-5590
Street Lights and Traffic Signals(209) 668-5590
Water Quality Control(209) 668-5590
Parks, Recreation & Public Facilities144 S Broadway
Arts Commission(209) 668-5594
City Parks(209) 668-5594
Recreation(209) 668-5594
Community Programs Commission(209) 668-5594
Public Facilities Maintenance(209) 668-5594
Turlock Police Department244 N Broadway
Abandoned Vehicles Hotline(209) 668-5550 Ext. 6110
Business office(209) 668-5550
Animal Services (801 S. Walnut)(209) 656-3140
Crime Tip Line(209) 668-5550 Ext. 6111
Drug Hotline(209) 668-5550 Ext. 6117
Graffiti Hotline(209) 668-5550 Ext. 6120
Non-Emergency(209) 668-1200
Records (Police Services)(209) 664-7300
Vehicle Release Hotline(209) 668-5550 Ext. 6125
TDD (speech and hearing impaired)1(800) 735-2929

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